What are Lifegroups?

Lifegroups are the best place to connect at Harvest if you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus. Our Lifegroups are designed to help you develop significant relationships with others who can encourage and challenge you to consistently apply the truths of God’s Word to each area of your life. 

Lifegroups are not “another thing” at Harvest; they are the main channel for discipleship and care for each person who is a part of the Harvest family. 

Overview of Lifegroups:

Each Lifegroup meets three to four times each month and is led by a trained Lifegroup Leader. Group meetings are normally two hours and include time for Bible discussion: walking back through the sermon, accountability, and prayer. They also include informal times to build relationships with others in the group. 

God wants every follower of Jesus to be continually growing as we worship Christ, walk with Christ, work for Christ, and witness for Christ. Each Harvest Lifegroup is committed to both Mutual Ministry and Multiplication. 

Mutual Ministry means that each member of the group is looking for ways to minister to the other members of the group. All groups should also be prayerfully considering a way to extend the ministry of their Lifegroup through Multiplication. 

Multiplication means eventually forming two or more groups so that others who are not yet in Lifegroups can continue to find places to connect with a Lifegroup.

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