Serving Opportunities

At Harvest, we ask each person who calls this place home to get on mission and be involved in serving in some way.

Click on each of the opportunities below to learn a little bit about each team. Once you’ve decided where you would like to get involved, fill out the form below and we will get you plugged in. We need everyone to get involved so that as a family we can carry the mission forward.


The Safety and Emergency Response Team (SERT) provides safety and emergency protection during all major events and weekend services. It’s important for everyone on campus to feel safe and equipped to handle potential emergencies that may arise. The well-trained members of this team:

  • Serve the church with the utmost care
  • Maintain a constant awareness of the surroundings
  • Immediately report and address safety breaches
  • Provide prompt emergency attention

As a trusted member of SERT, you greatly honor the Lord by being the first line of defense. To support this team’s objectives, everyone serving in SERT must submit themselves to careful consideration from leadership as well as be willing to participate in on-going training opportunities.

Harvest Kids

The committed servants of Harvest Kids partner with parents to provide a safe and fun environment for children to learn the basics of the gospel. From infancy through 5th grade, it’s important that every child experiences the person and work of Jesus. This is accomplished through:

  • Bible-based teaching
  • Music
  • Crafts
  • Activities

Through the heart-felt service of our Harvest Kids servants, each child is lavishly loved and discipled. To ensure a safe, clean, and loving environment for all children at all times, everyone serving in Harvest Kids must complete an application and pass a background check.


Being a Greeter means that you have a passion to serve each person coming onto campus with a heart-felt welcome and smile. The Greeters are a vital part of making everyone feel welcome by:

  • Holding the door for someone
  • Helping answer a question
  • Guiding someone to a specific place on campus

Every Greeter helps us make a great first impression and extends one of the first tangible expressions of Christ’s love as people come onto our campus.

Connect Desk

The Connect Desk is the hub of where all connection at Harvest happens. By serving at the Connect Desk, you desire to see people grow by getting plugged into an opportunity for ministry. We do this by:

  • Helping someone get signed up for a class
  • Connect someone with a Lifegroup
  • Plug someone into an opportunity to serve
  • Give an overview of an area of ministry

Each Connect Desk servant is such an important part of helping our church carry out the mission we’ve been given to make disciples of Jesus!


Our team of Ushers exists to maximize everyone’s experience as they enter our auditorium. With a welcoming personality, each Usher:

  • Passes out note sheets for attendees to use as they engage with the sermon
  • Provides helpful direction to people trying to find a seat
  • Assists with collecting the offering

We need people who are willing to help us create a great atmosphere for worship and make sure each attendee feels comfortable going into a worship service.


When guests first come onto our campus, the first people they see are the friendly and helpful servants of our Parking team. Each person on this team:

  • Assists in guiding new visitors or handicapped guests to the most helpful parking spots
  • Arrives early each Sunday to set out guiding signage around the exterior of campus

If you like extending a warm welcome with a smiling face and a wave, then we could use you on this team.


Our Production Team exists to guide people in their worship of Christ in a behind-the-scenes role. The team works diligently each weekend and at events to allow people to follow, watch, listen, and most importantly, participate in worship. This is accomplished through the use of lighting, sound, and video elements. There are a few main areas to serve on the Production Team:

  • Sound engineer
  • Lighting engineer
  • Graphics operator
  • Camera operator

If you enjoy pursuing excellence while serving in a supportive role, this could be the serving opportunity for you.

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By serving in the Bookstore, you are helping get many helpful resources directly into the hands of people. You assist people by:

  • Completing purchase transactions of books, CDs, or other merchandise
  • Exercising extreme integrity and accuracy as you handle sensitive information

No special skills are needed other than a desire to extend Christ’s love through excellent customer service.

Worship Team

The Worship Ministry of Harvest exists to help our people experience the sufficiency and express the supremacy of Christ in all things. This is accomplished primarily on Sunday mornings and at other events by:

  • Diligently practicing throughout the week
  • Participating in a weekly rehearsal
  • Arriving early on Sunday mornings to prepare

Each servant is using elements of musical and technical skill so people can respond to the gospel. In order to skillfully communicate the message and importance of the songs we sing, each person who wants to serve on the Worship Team must complete an application and go through an audition process.

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Harvest Students

All servants within Harvest Students have a desire for students to understand the gospel, put their faith in Jesus, and live that out amongst their peers. To achieve this on a weekly basis, each servant:

  • Helps facilitate the clear teaching of the Word
  • Provides meaningful discipleship through small groups

We need people who are passionate to see the next generation be world changers for Christ! To ensure a safe and fun environment for all students, everyone serving in Harvest Students must complete an application and either be actively moving toward membership or be a current member.


Each servant of the Hospitality Team embraces an “others before self” mentality. Some of the typical responsibilities include:

  • Setting up food, beverages, or decoration for events
  • Creating environments for attendees to interact with one another in the coffee shop on Sundays

If you enjoy working diligently behind-the-scenes to provide a warm, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere, this team could be great for you.

ASL Interpreter

Our ASL (American Sign Language) Interpreters have a true passion to connect the Deaf community with the truths of Scripture being taught at Harvest. Foundationally, they understand the Christian faith and have a fluency in ASL. Additionally, each interpreter:

These volunteers are committed to maintaining and growing the skills needed to enhance the quality of interaction and bridge communication gaps between Deaf and hearing individuals at Harvest. Due to the significant investment each interpreter is making, everyone serving in this role must be committed to the above skill sets, as well as be actively moving toward membership or be a current member at Harvest.

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