Production Team

Email Boyd Johnson if you would like to serve on the production team.

Camera Operator (3):

  • Works with the service producer and switcher to supply creative, effective shots to display on screen.

  • Serving frequency is flexible, but serves from 8:30 till the end of second service.

  • Good place to get your feet wet with production.


  • Design and/or run the lighting program for the service.

  • Works with the service producer to ensure the lighting design helps to emphasize the message at each point in the service.

  • Serves 6:30-end of second service, frequency flexible.


  • Operates our two remote cameras

  • Coordinates what is displayed on each screen at each point in the service

  • Works with the slides operator and service producer to coordinate that the correct information is displayed on each screen.

  • Serves from 7:45-end of second service

Pro Presenter/Lyrics(2):

  • Operates the slideshow for the weekend, including worship lyrics, announcements, and sermon slides.

  • Makes any changes as need arises and helps coordinate that all screens are displaying the correct information at each point in the service.

  • Serves from 6:30 AM - end of second service.


  • Mixes all audio tracks into cohesive and tasteful mix in the Whitefield auditorium, with vocals appropriately forward and a balanced acoustic spectrum

  • Troubleshoots and address any audio problems that arise

  • Serves from 6:30-end of second service

Recording audio(2):

  • Mixes selected audio channels for service recording

  • Listens to correct audio problems and to “sweeten” the mix.

  • Serves from 7:45-end of second service

Service producer(2):

  • Coordinates with all production stations to help keep to the service plan

  • Communicates with the worship leader to help relay information to and from the production crew

  • Helps to troubleshoot any issues that arise with other production stations

  • Coordinates with SERT, the worship leader and/or pastor, and the production team in emergency situations to ensure situation-appropriate communication is displayed

  • Exercises appropriate judgement as novel situations arise

  • Serves 6:30 AM - end of the second service