Hickory Harvest’s Men’s Ministry purposes to equip and encourage our men to glorify God by walking in obedience, leading faithfully, and serving sacrificially in order to imitate Christ as husbands, fathers, brothers, and servants.

Men’s Bible Study - Radical

We are excited to announce the HBC men's ministry series for the fall. We will be offering a 10 week series based on David Platt's book, Radical. We are praying that you will prioritize this time to be equipped, challenged, and enjoy fellowship with the men at HBC.

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In this series, David Platt challenges the status quo and contends that many of us have embraced a Christian spin on the American dream which calls us to complacency, to a life of comfort and ease. We live in big houses and drive nice cars and worship in multi-million dollar churches custom built around all of our favorite programs. We give away a bit of our wealth—the kind of wealth that much of the world can only dream of—but largely live in great comfort. Occasionally we are stirred by images of starving children or by tales of God’s work in foreign lands. But quickly we forget and we go on with our lives, growing our portfolios and filling our homes with stuff.

Arguing that American church culture runs counter to the gospel, David Platt compels us to forsake the American Dream "in radical abandonment to the person and purpose of Jesus Christ." He contends that taking back our faith involves actively and seriously committing ourselves to spread the gospel to all nations, owning responsibility for helping others grow in Christ, and literally caring for the poor. He then shows how we can reclaim our faith by obeying the words of Jesus, trusting God and focusing on heaven.

“We will together explore the biblical gospel alongside our cultural assumptions with an aim toward embracing Jesus for who He really is, not for who we have created Him to be. We will look at the core truth of a God-centered gospel and see how we have manipulated it into a human-centered (and ultimately dissatisfying) message. We will see a purpose for our lives that transcends the country and culture we live in, and we will see our desperate need for His presence to fulfill that purpose in us. We will discover that our meaning is found in community and our life is found in giving ourselves for the sake of others in the church, among the lost, and among the poor. We will evaluate where true security and safety are found in the world, and in the end we will determine not to waste our lives on anything but uncompromising, unconditional abandonment to a gracious, loving Savior who invites us to take radical risk and promises us radical reward.”